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Herbal Incense UK - Buy Solid Hash & Herb - The Only HI5 Manufacturer!

Strongest herbal incense HI5 In Puffy Le Pew flavour!

And now new HI5 Solid Herbal Incense Hash clone! Smells and rolls like sqidgy black! 

Are you sick and tired of your normal incense blend just not up to the job, thats how we felt to! so we develovped a incense blend that would satisfy the heaviest of users, we are sure you will not find a stronger legal incense spice blend for our cheap price.

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5F-AKB-48 AB-FUBINICA and 5F-PB22 in stock

All our herbal incense is made with botanical herbs sourced in the UK, and we only use the finest ingredients available. All twigs and non leaf matter is removed so you do not have to. Our strongest spice blends are strictly not for human consumption.